Friday, February 28, 2020

Greenhouse Business Challenge and Carbon Footprint Assignment - 1

Greenhouse Business Challenge and Carbon Footprint - Assignment Example For brand protection, the company ensures that all their products are free from any form of toxic material that may cause harm directly to the user or even indirectly by first implicating on the environment and subsequently on the user. These materials are not only toxic to the consumers but also lead to a low lifespan of the products and thus the company shareholders work to ensure that several elements are not present in the products. These elements include lead, polyvinyl chloride, mercury and Brominated Flame Retardant (Jackson, 2012, 7). The best description for the Apple carbon footprint is by identifying the manner in which it is determined. For the company, a comprehensive life cycle analysis is put in place to assist in acknowledging the source of greenhouse emissions. The carbon footprint for Apple has received a lot of response from many people including long life shareholders who have committed themselves to the purchase of Apple products (O’Grady, 2008, 133). Most shareholders are afraid of the contemporary plan of incorporating cloud computing to the new generation i-pad. The processes that will bring around cloud computing will involve the purchase of other gadgets that will lead to increased global warming from them and as an end result in environmental degradation (Wharton, 2012, 8). The best practice that the company has incorporated in the manufacture of their commodities is the minimization of growth impact. The company has done this by ensuring that its commodities cause less harm through improving the environmental performance of its products. This has been done through packaging them in small-sizes, there is also the use of materials that are both energy saving and fit for recycling.  

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