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contrast On The Black Hill with Long Distance essays

Compare/contrast On The Black Hill with Long Distance essays On The Black Hill Novel Long Distance Poem Possibly the poem is a lot more concentrated, as poems are never as long as novels. On The Black Hill, is a lot less concentrated than Long Distance. A poem has to distil that essence of everything, in less space than a novel. A prose is a concentrated version of the above. In each extract there is a son, and in each extract, the sons try to come to terms with their parent(s) grief. In Long Distance I think that Tony Harrison, at least, begins to come to terms with the death of his parents, where as, in On The Black Hill there is no acceptance. Long Distance and angry, but there is a need/wanting of sympathy. On The Black Hill is full of guilt, though there is a sense of lover there. In Long Distance and On The Black Hill they are ashamed of showing how they are dealing with the deaths. Tone (On The Black Hill) Sombre, in the first part, though seemed to get more so as the text goes on. (Sombre Depressing) In On The Black Hill the story ends with the image of a museum. Generally, museums are solely focused on the past, which is where the sons are still living no progress. In Long Distance the poem ends with death. Both extracts lack life, though both give a feeling of finality, sad, though an ending is given. On The Black Hill is fairly lyrical, more so in the central part of the extract. It could be rearranged into poetry. Although it is lyrical, it is quite sombre underneath. I find On The Black Hill to be more mocking. It uses quotations in full conversations, e.g. Yes, No etc conversational, though when read, it can sound quite comical and light hearted, although there is a feeling that underneath we see how the mother must have been feeling and h...

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Greenhouse Business Challenge and Carbon Footprint Assignment - 1

Greenhouse Business Challenge and Carbon Footprint - Assignment Example For brand protection, the company ensures that all their products are free from any form of toxic material that may cause harm directly to the user or even indirectly by first implicating on the environment and subsequently on the user. These materials are not only toxic to the consumers but also lead to a low lifespan of the products and thus the company shareholders work to ensure that several elements are not present in the products. These elements include lead, polyvinyl chloride, mercury and Brominated Flame Retardant (Jackson, 2012, 7). The best description for the Apple carbon footprint is by identifying the manner in which it is determined. For the company, a comprehensive life cycle analysis is put in place to assist in acknowledging the source of greenhouse emissions. The carbon footprint for Apple has received a lot of response from many people including long life shareholders who have committed themselves to the purchase of Apple products (O’Grady, 2008, 133). Most shareholders are afraid of the contemporary plan of incorporating cloud computing to the new generation i-pad. The processes that will bring around cloud computing will involve the purchase of other gadgets that will lead to increased global warming from them and as an end result in environmental degradation (Wharton, 2012, 8). The best practice that the company has incorporated in the manufacture of their commodities is the minimization of growth impact. The company has done this by ensuring that its commodities cause less harm through improving the environmental performance of its products. This has been done through packaging them in small-sizes, there is also the use of materials that are both energy saving and fit for recycling.  

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Regulatory policy and Strategic Assets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Regulatory policy and Strategic Assets - Essay Example in case of retailers the suppliers of the different items sold by the retailers whereas the horizontal integration involves the acquisition of the competitors in order to increase the market share of the firm. (Joyce & Woods, 2001) This line of thinking within retail chains therefore indicate that the increased emphasis on the mergers and acquisitions during 1990s was also more driven by the fact that the firms realized that through these carefully selected strategic assets, these firms can actually achieve more efficiency. However, during 1980s the focus was on the use of LBO as a mean of acquiring new firms and utilized the power of debt in order to increase the market penetration and firm value. Further, firms also realized that acquiring their suppliers will basically increase their bargaining position and thus will allow them to compete more easily based on the price based factors because retail chain stores can only compete based on the lower prices. Either way, the process of mergers and acquisitions generally increase the market power of the firms and therefore may lead to the further increase in the concentration of some bigger retail chains in the market while driving away smaller or mid sized players from the market. This is also evident from the fact that large retail chain stores can easily obtain large tracts of lands and can even keep them un-developed just to drive the competition away. One of the most important arguments which can be put forward in this regard is the fact that the barriers to entry in this segment of the business are low. Such low barriers to entry therefore can allow smaller as well as large players to easily enter and exit the market at lowest cost. As such if the retail chains are large supermarkets, they allow them to develop better bargaining position and thus offer better prices to the customers. Further, the degree of competition in the market

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Consensual Relationships Agreements ( CRA) Case Study

Consensual Relationships Agreements ( CRA) - Case Study Example In this connection, the Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA) between the working people and the employer is generally regarded as a written contract in which the working people belonging to an organization agree to follow various policies relating to workplace that are established by the employer. The written agreement also states that the working people agree to discard certain attitudes or behaviors that might offend others in the working place. In this particular agreement, the employees or the staffs also agree to behave professionally and not to permit the relationship to hamper their work performances. Through this particular relationship agreement, the working people of a particular organization also promise to report any sort of harassments that might prevail in the working place to the higher authority of the organization (Appleby, 2007). Along with the need of executing consensual agreements in the workplace, there also lie certain different reasons which might possess negative impact for the employees with the implementation of Consensus Relationship Agreements (CRA) in any organization. The different reasons for the negative impact of the workplace agreement include unfavorable effect upon the morale of the employees, emergence of favoritism and potential interest conflicts among the staffs that ultimately can affect the working performances of the staffs (Edwards & Angell LLP, 2005). In this context, the morale of the employees who consent to be a part of Consensus Relationship Agreements (CRA) greatly suffers at a particular time when the other employees of the organization enjoy superior as well as well advanced job assignments along with other opportunities of working operations. This particular factor ultimately helps to raise the aspect of favoritism and also unfavorably affects upon the working performance of the employees due to the relationship agreement

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The Pit and the Pendulum :: Pit and the Pendulum Essays

The Pit and the Pendulum "The place where you die is where you become young again." The accused in "The Pit and the Pendulum" is obviously being persecuted. For what religion or practice we do not know. For what crime it is not said. The prisoner does not even question his guilt or innocence. The accused in this story, to whom Poe does not give a name, is subjected to three life threatening situations. Poe, along with other English Romantics believed that being born was actually coming to the end of another existence. With this in consideration could the tomb in which the prisoner was confined be thought of as a womb? Could then the pit be considered a tunnel that leads to a New World? Poe utilizes one of the most common and universal phobias in "The Pit and the Pendulum," which is the darkness. Imagine you are condemned to death and wake to find that you cannot see your hand two inches from your face. Darkness commonly evokes feelings of anxiety, but under these circumstances I would think absolute terror. The tomb is dark, and only by an accident does the accused escape the pit and certain death. The victim searched for a rock in order to estimate the depths, which he just avoided. As the masonry hit the water far below, a light burst into his vault and a door swiftly shut. The slamming door was his first awareness that he was being monitored constantly; his torturers were adjusting his torments to his abilities at avoiding disaster. The prisoner wakes only to realize that he is strapped onto a board and bound by a "surcingle". The word he uses is significant; it can apply to the binding of saddle on a horse, or to the binding of a priest's cassock. He perceived himself as bound like an animal by the belt of a priest, symbolically bound to the demented will of his prison-masters. Far above his bound body, on the ceiling of the chamber, was the figure of Time holding what appeared to be a scythe. Upon closer examination what appeared to be a scythe was a giant, razor sharp pendulum making a slow and deadly descent. One could interpret the figure of Time as the character's realization that his time is running out. I think Poe's introduction of the figure of Time suggests to all of us that we have only the time that is given us.

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Homer and his impact on the Greek Culture Essay

First seeds of poetry were born among the Greeks even before writing was invented. Poets were bards, chanting gripping narrative epic war poems and emotional ballads. Homer was a Greek poet, to whom are attributed the great epics, the Iliad, the story of the siege of Troy, and the Odyssey, the tale of Ulysses’ wanderings. The place of his birth is doubtful, probably a Greek colony on the coast of Asia Minor, traditionally is described as blind and is believed to have lived in Ionia around 800 BCE. Of the true Homer, nothing is positively known. Arguments have long raged over whether his works are in fact by the same hand, or have their origins in the lays of Homer and his followers (Homeridae). Earmarks of oral poetry in the works, such as formulaic phrases, make it believable that the contribution of Homer was to collect and record the ballads which had been passed on orally from storyteller to storyteller for centuries before his time. There seems little doubt that the works were originally based on current ballads which were much modified and extended. There is, however, another tradition that Homer’s poems were not written down and standardized until Peisistratus, tyrant of Athens, commissioned this work in the first half of the sixth century. Homer’s works appealed greatly to the Greeks of his time and even to the modern readers, due to the thrilling adventures and tragedies featured in them. Homer’s epics enhanced the ideas of heroism and courage, ideas which deeply fascinated the Greeks of the Dark Age Greece and satisfied their hunger for such compositions. Homer’s creations kept alive the traditional songs about the heroes of the Mycenaean age, which were naturally regarded by the Greeks of the time as the good old days. Homer’s contribution to the Greek Culture was enormous. From about 1200 B.C. and for seven hundred years until Plato’s his two famous epics were the basis of Greek religion and morals, the chief source of history, and even of  practical information on geography, metallurgy, navigation, and shipbuilding. Homer’s impact was so colossal that he is often referred to as the â€Å"Shaper of the Greek Spirit†. In Homer we find the beginnings of Greek humanism – a concern with man and his achievements . Homer was one of the few things the Greeks could agree on. The term arete emphasizes Homer’s ideals, arete stands for excellence on the battle field, courage and cunning, win fame and honor against impossible odds. The idea of arete so widely spread by Homer formed the foundation of the Greek view of the world. Homer’s impact on the Greek Culture was so tremendous that in the Hellenistic Age, after the death of Alexander the Great, educated Greeks continued to learn Homer by heart, the way people in the West would know the Bible, or as Muslims the Koran.

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Lifes Overhead - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1640 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/04/16 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Poverty Essay Did you like this example? Ever hear a businessperson talk about their overhead? Overhead is the embedded cost to delivering the product or service. It may include wages, employee insurance, commercial rent for office space, business insurance, cost of vehicles, office equipment and other fixed costs below the line. In short, every cost an employer incurs before he makes a profit. Life too has overhead. Twenty years ago, I first encountered the term one Sunday morning in a short piece written by an Arizona Republic guest columnist during the holiday season. In it, she referred to the notion that life itself seemed to have compressed over the years. Free time evaporated. To Do lists were longer Must Do lists were more demanding. She called it Lifes Overhead. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Lifes Overhead" essay for you Create order Those 700 words and the sentiment they conveyed made a lifelong impression on me. I wonder what she would write today as lifes overhead has now become even more smothering and the net time we have left for family, relationships, community and, most importantly, OURSELVES, has diminished to the point of a point of zero for many. This is especially true for the under-resourced and low-income population. The increased time spent simply trying to be a functional human being, layered with the external costs and time demands laid upon us by modern societal institution (both public and private) can leave us exhausted and even hopeless. So, in a broad a context, that is my answer. We, as individuals in civil society, are increasingly tethered by burdens not of our making. These burdens cannot be ignored and effectively navigating through them has become necessary to function in todays world. The perplexing dilemma is that life continues to become more complicated and we sometimes just dont have the bandwidth and coping skills. In my view, this is a colossal barrier to health and self-sufficiency and Id love the opportunity to expound more during an interview. THANKS FOR THE SPEECH ERIC BUT THATS NOT THE ANSWER WERE LOOKING FOR For now, consider the first 3 to be my top 3. In drawing that opinionated line, I maintain that they are all potential ingredients in a complex cocktail of social and economic issues that make self-sufficiency challenging. To list the 3 major factors as the most pressing is to ignore many of others because the answer is as personal as the individual or family experiencing it. In truth, there exists a long list of problems that, taken individually or collectively, prevent or exacerbate a persons inability to make a go of it. HOUSING ISSUES â€Å" Even though Phoenix is a relatively affordable housing market, the costs of home ownership has spiked dramatically. My own modest house 4 miles from downtown has more than doubled in value in the six years Ive owned it. The average family of four would have to make about $60,000 to qualify for an FHA loan assuming no other debt. That is not affordable. Even the most superficial analysis of the apartments being built in the Phoenix market will reveal that a very small percentage of them are affordable. Luxury apartments fuel the market. Consider also that most renters must demonstrate a stream of income, post a security deposit and surmount other hurdles before they can ink the lease. Potential landlords run credit and full background checks that often disqualify renters. TRANSPORTATION â€Å" Making a living in the Phoenix metro area has always meant car required for over 90% of us. The Light Rail system and expansion of in bus service, telecommuting, bike to work and other options have helped provide desperately needed alternatives. Still, if a person does not have personal transportation, if that transportation is unreliable or if they dont have connectivity from their residence to potential employers it is a near insurmountable problem. Affordable housing and easily accessed employment are often not geographically proximate. HEALTH MEDICAL ISSUES â€Å" The cost and availability of health care was the most important issue for many voters in the recent election. If the 50% of the eligible voters who turned out to vote articulated this concern, imagine how huge the issue is for low income individuals families that may not even be registered to vote or just didnt show. Some supporting facts: Costs have spiked. The pool of available providers has shrunk (particularly in General Practice). Access to Specialists is restricted by insurance companies or providers leaving the field. There are gaps between AHCCCS, Affordable Care Act coverages and Market Based insurance assuming one can qualify or afford them. And more but the upshot is that large number of people are going uninsured and a minor medical issue can soon become a major one. It can rapidly trigger a downward spiral. On a personal note, as I write this, I am 3 weeks post-op from a successful knee replacement. For too many, that surgery would not be available, and they would eventually become increasingly immobile and unable to function. SUDDEN or TRAUMATIC CHANGES â€Å" Think what any of the following would mean to you in your life: Loss of a job. An accident that prevented you from working. Sudden Illness for yourself or a family member. Divorce or other family trauma. A DUI. Any of these setbacks can be insurmountable or trigger a cascading set of problems for middle class Americans. Now imagine youre a low-income family or person. Could you bounce back? Many simply cannot and fall through the safety net. MENTAL HEALTH â€Å" The state of Arizona defunded many of the CMI services over two decades ago and a corresponding spike in homelessness soon followed. People with untreated mental conditions are less likely to be physically healthy, functioning or economically self-sustaining. For some, it become irreversible. Also, arguably, the Criminal Justice system is increasingly the tool used to address mental health issues. To the extent that this continues it diverts precious tax dollars from other services, stigmatizes people, and exacerbates the long-term problem â€Å" especially for those desiring to enter the workforce. TECHNOLOGY â€Å" We live in a world that now requires technology. This essay is being written on a computer at my kitchen table. It will be submitted by email. I discovered the job opening while surfing on my iPhone. But what if I could not afford a computer or phone (or couldnt keep it operating properly)? What if I couldnt afford an iPhone much less my $71 monthly Verizon bill? This problem barely existed 20-30 years ago but today it is the elephant in the room as we become a society of technology haves and have nots. BANKING FINANCIAL SYSTEMS â€Å" The old joke goes that banks will lend money to everyone except those who need it. If a person lives from check to check and cannot establish an account and keep a minimum balance, they effectively cant function on a level playing field with the rest of society. Say they dont have a credit or debit card in an economy that increasingly demands both. Often, a credit card is required to make a purchase or to validate entry into the Internet of Things electronic world where commerce is increasingly conducted. What if a person has none of has lost their credit? Also, todays use of credit scores goes far beyond traditional applications for credit. A low score can impede a persons ability to find employment and housing and even increase the cost of car insurance. Little recourse is available or effective in righting the wrongs of credit agencies and bad credit is an often-overlooked factor in keeping people trapped in poverty. FOOD Food is life no less than air and water. Nutrition is different from food. As our food supply system has become more industrialized and mass marketed there has been a corresponding rise in poor quality highly processed foods that are less healthy and laden with fats, sugar and preservatives. The human body adapts poorly. Diabetes and obesity cases have skyrocketed. Over processed food substitutes are more convenient, dont take time to prepare, are readily available and are even considered addictive â€Å" but consider the choice in the context of lifes overhead. Over time, the damaging impact of a poor diet often leads to poor health. Causation is clearly demonstrated. Correcting the damage takes personal resolve and the economic means to make the change. And the gym membership and daily exercise so fundamental to my life it an unattainable luxury for many. UTILITY COSTS â€Å" I recently lived in New England where much of the energy source is natural gas wheeled in on pipelines from Canada. It is expensive and service disruptions can be life threatening. Six states are in various stages of the process of diversifying and decentralizing their energy mix to make the system more resilient. Doing so will lower costs to all consumers and proportionately benefit lower income citizens to a greater degree. Here in Arizona, the seasonal nature of the problem is different, but the demands are similar. People need electricity to cool their homes, run their appliances (what if you didnt have a refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, microwave or God Forbid a TV)? What if you couldnt charge your computer or cell phone? What if you couldnt pay your water / sewer / sanitation bill? The ability to flip a switch be it a thermostat, light or any appliance is taken for granted, but how quickly life changes without it. Shelter (housing) is not enough without f unctionality (utility service) and that is why programs like the ones you administer are literally a lifeline. To conclude, I need to conclude. Of course, there is much more and there is no single correct answer. Identifying and articulating the problems is a start. Understanding the problems and the complex interplay between them requires thoughtful empathy and compassion. Addressing them through public, private, nonprofit and other means in an efficient, cost effective and impactful way is always the challenge. Id be delighted to speak to you in person.