Friday, January 31, 2020

Consensual Relationships Agreements ( CRA) Case Study

Consensual Relationships Agreements ( CRA) - Case Study Example In this connection, the Consensual Relationship Agreement (CRA) between the working people and the employer is generally regarded as a written contract in which the working people belonging to an organization agree to follow various policies relating to workplace that are established by the employer. The written agreement also states that the working people agree to discard certain attitudes or behaviors that might offend others in the working place. In this particular agreement, the employees or the staffs also agree to behave professionally and not to permit the relationship to hamper their work performances. Through this particular relationship agreement, the working people of a particular organization also promise to report any sort of harassments that might prevail in the working place to the higher authority of the organization (Appleby, 2007). Along with the need of executing consensual agreements in the workplace, there also lie certain different reasons which might possess negative impact for the employees with the implementation of Consensus Relationship Agreements (CRA) in any organization. The different reasons for the negative impact of the workplace agreement include unfavorable effect upon the morale of the employees, emergence of favoritism and potential interest conflicts among the staffs that ultimately can affect the working performances of the staffs (Edwards & Angell LLP, 2005). In this context, the morale of the employees who consent to be a part of Consensus Relationship Agreements (CRA) greatly suffers at a particular time when the other employees of the organization enjoy superior as well as well advanced job assignments along with other opportunities of working operations. This particular factor ultimately helps to raise the aspect of favoritism and also unfavorably affects upon the working performance of the employees due to the relationship agreement

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